Re: My thoughts on icons and meta-data

Tom Tromey writes:
 > One thing I'd like to hear is ideas on how we could find a way to come
 > to a conclusion here.

At this point in gnome's development, all we need is a library routine
to get file metadata, and the will to use it (the interface).  Exactly
*how* it gets that information (the implementation) is subject to change.
We could even make it a ... theme.  :)

Something like this:

mdlo *gnome_md_first(char *filename) returns a metadata listing object
char *gnome_md_next(mdlo *mdlo) returns the next metadata name or NULL.
uchar *gnome_md_get(char *filename, char *mdn) returns a pointer to the 
    named metadata, storage for which was malloc'ed (or NULL if no
    such data or out of memory).
int gnome_md_put(char *filename, char *mdn, uchar *md) stores the
    given metadata in the given metadata name.  Returns <0 if shit happened.

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