Re: My thoughts on icons and meta-data

Tom Tromey wrote:
> Tonight I caught up on my Gnome email.  In particular I read the
> entire Icon thread.  Anybody who read the whole thing deserves a
> medal, me included.
> This is rather long.  Sorry about that.  Please bear with me.

I think we need some type of combined proposal.  Although, there are
people who do not like the .info file or putting the metainfo in the
file.  There are times when this is needed.  Such as when the data will
be on removeable media and you want the metainfo to go with the files.

On the other hand, .info files or putting the data in the file do not
work well if you don't have write access to the directory.  In this case
a centralized database or even a directory tree with the metainfo will
be needed.

I still note, that the only solutions that have solid working
implementations to date use some variant of the .info file solution or
special filesystems (Mac/Amiga/OS2).

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