Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.

> 	A note on Corba. LEAVE IT ALONE. It is a nice luxury on this
> venture, but it is also BIG bulky, and in general, a huge hog. Use it
> for small distributed api's & simple message passing. And use
> something else if you can get away with it for message passing even.
> Remember, SIMPLE!!! Simple solutions are almost always better
> solutions. Nothing as mind bogglingly complex as Corba can possibly
> be a good thing, but if it's to be used, it should only be when
> truly necessary.

Yes, simple. But I'm wondering, simple for whom? Simple for us programmers?
or simple for the Admins that have to maintain hundreds of computers with
thousands of users? (remember, world domination *grin*) If we use CORBA,
the admin could easily set up a default configuration on one machine for
all users, and then if users wanted to change their config, they'd have
to change it once, and then have it available on every machine. I'm not saying
this can't be done any other way, and I don't know how hard CORBA is (yet),
but it's a standard. Why invent all the wheels again, when dozens are already

Martijn van Beers

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