Is there a plan for a base library package for building gtk or gnome
apps in objective-c?  I don't mean the wrappers that are already in
place, but the low level stuff.  I personally would preffer NOT to use
libFoundation, I don't think it offers the functiuonality that should
and if you are installing the gnustep base, well....its very difficult
to get it working, Gnome is already hard enough (I couldn't get Gnome
I guess it is ok, but I think better can be done,...in fact, I rather
like tigert's libs so far, though I will probably never use the list

The reason I ask this, because if there isn't one, developers have 3

1) Build the entire app from scratch.  Not the nicest on programmers,
but definatly better for the user.

2) Use some pre-built lib package, of wich there are a few...not many
That would mean users would need to have possibly all installed to use
obgtk or obgnome apps, that is not very good.

3) Integrate the library into the app....maybe this is what we should
do?  Like add the claass source into the code tree.

Anyway, a thought.

Also, I am still worried about the "delete_event" problem I found, and
am a little worried noone has said anything but 'paste the code' in
responce to my origional which I made a long time ago.  I got nothing
back on that either......
Is "delete_event"  not an important thing to have?  Am I worrying about
I don't know this kind of thing so someone should tell me....all I know
is...why would you add it to GTK if it wasn't important, and why would
it be in the second example in the tutorial of all things?
Maybe it is supposed to work in a way differently than what I am doing?
Noone has said nothing there either though so....
It deffinately does wierd shit though....

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