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> On Sat, 25 Apr 1998, Kenneth R. Kinder wrote:
> > Any thoughts?
> I have the feeling that Python would be too slow for that...
> just seen the sluggish glint.

Glint is sluggish, but I'm not entirely sure that's the language's fault.  
I don't have it installed any more, but if you profile it, I suspect a 
good deal of its sluggishness is because of Tk (a very sluggish widget 
set), and perhaps it loading too much data at a time, or not handling data 
in an optimized manner.

Python programs are slandered by Tk, it seems.  Tk is a bloated, slow 
widget set that brings down Tcl software too.

Although, am reconsidering the language anyway.

>  What are those 'unique features'
> you mentioned?

Well, I'm rethinking the way the program would work.  Anyway, its ability 
to embed any datatype in dictionaries and lists would come in useful if I 
were to store the document in a non-literal, abstract way.

Its string functions are also exceptional.

If I do it in Python, I'll be sure to profile the entire program and 
optimize it.  I've never actually made a _whole_program_ in Python before 
- -- I've only used it as an extension language to C++ for in-program 
scripting.  But the language has grown on me, and it really is rapid 
application development.

One MAJOR disadvantage is the incomplete status of pygtk.  pygtk has most 
of the basic GUI done, but I suspect I'd find myself either adding to it 
in C/C++ or my own program for extra things like the standard about box 
and such.

C or C++ are still likely candidates -- I love them both.  :)

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