Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.

"Leareth ." <> writes:

> Oh, and were you REALLY serious about guile???

Do you see anybody laughing?

> I really can't stand lisp & it's relatives.

This is your personal problem. If you don't like'em, don't use'em.

> I almost wept when the FSF said thats the way they were going. Then
> there like "Oh, but it can emulate other languages!" Course, then
> you get "A program, running in a scripting language thats running in
> another scripting language."

You compile one scripting language to another language (I wouldn't put
adjective 'scripting' to Guile). So it's running (nearly) as fast as
the compilation target. And as speed tests show that Guile is faster
than any other interpreter (when you turn debugging off), including
Perl, it makes sense.

> But really, doesn't Perl sound better? As far as scripting goes,
> NOTHING beats Perl :)

This is religious issue. I'd be happier with almost anything else (as
I like the code I wrote at 4am to remain readable by 4pm of the next

If you want to write GNOME apps in Perl, grab the proper module
(there's Perl/Gtk binding somewhere) and get to it.

I refuse to use .sig

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