Re: Icons of program

In case of .info idea be implemented (or anything similar), remember:
>> niche.)  And because of that, editing icon files will only be able to be done
>> using apps that use imlib (until a second gnomeian decides to code the same
>> sorts of routines.)
>Maybe there is also a way if painting the images with any program and 
>constructing the icon out of them with a special little gnome app.

"special little gnome app"... why not use a compressor/packager already
avaliable, like tar gz or some in that line? And inside, put all the needed
things, as files: icon in png or tga or xcf or ..., info as text.
With this method everybody can use it and edit it quite easy. Just remember
that .ginfo files are .tgz with a different name.

I think that rpm and deb follow this design. E themes are tarballs, as some
said before.

And hey, someone has done a gshutdown, and gsu. Maybe he can do gcp, gmv...
set of console utils to support the .ginfo.

BTW, I can vote, all 4 or 5 proposed systems has pros and cons. Just, if
done, do it well. ;]


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