Re: Imlib 1.3 released... writes:

> * You need to recompile apps using Imlib1.3 cause data structures
> changed sizes.. :)

I'm just about to compile some stuff with gdk-imlib 1.2.

If imlib 1.3 is "released code" (versus pre-release code) as the version
number suggests (unless I misunderstand the versioning scheme) -
wouldn't it be much better to increment the major version number in
the SONAME of the library rather than forcing everybody to recompile?

You do this so the old version and the new version can be installed on
the system at the same time.

Imlib isn't ready for production apps if you introduce new versions
that will break compatibility on existing "production" apps installed
on the system.  That's what the library versioning is there to fix.

Apologies if that is what you are doing...


 - Jim

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