Icons and document-types


I didn't know where to jump in on this thread, so I started a new one.

Conceptually, for me, icons are easy to do:

1) First we identify the document type for a document.
       (returning an "object")

2) Then we query that object for the icon.

The object that we query will be smart enough to figure out which icon
to use.  It should have 'hooks' so the user can customize it via a
script (written in guile, elisp, perl, etc.).  So these user scripts
could vary the icon based on the location in the filesystem, contents
of the file, etc.

Multiple other system methods may be attached to the same hook -
ie. we could have a system method which associated KDE icons with a
document type (base on the .kdelink files)

Other system methods could handle any type of method to associate
icons with documents (ie. examining resource forks on Mac files, etc)

Simple.  CORBA-based.  And it pushes the debate out to the
implementation (multiple implementations can compete).  This is why I
have been advocating an emacs/CORBA-way of doing things.


 - Jim

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