Re: Icons of program

On Wed, 22 Apr, 1998 at 06:31:44PM -0000, Russell Nelson set free these words:
>  > ->  > Okay, the list mentioned the four distinct ways to handle per-file
>  > ->  > info:
>  > ->  >
>  > ->  > 1) single, big file somewhere in the user's home directory
>  > ->  > 2) single, big system-wide file (handled with a daemon)
>  > ->  > 3) small files in a separate tree in the user's home directory
>  > ->  > 4) small files in the same dir as the files they affect
> 5) icon information embedded in the file.
> + low inode cost
> + no problems with file manager tools
> + no permissions problems
> + no filesystem dependencies
> + works with standard file transfer protocols
> + works with removable filesystems
> + no centralized administration needed
> + works just fine on a per-user basis.
> + no db to corrupt
> ------------- (it's a big minus) files which need per-file info must
>               embed that information into the file.  Works fine for
>               any file format that permits comments.  Loses for all
>               others, or or files that don't have a magic number or
>               extension.
  - Need write permissions to add/change attributes: means no user
    customization ... (You therefore need to clarify "centralized admin". and
    "per-user basis" and "no permissions problem" ...)  This also adds an
    exception to your "works with removable media:" except RO media that does
    not have support built into its files already.
  - Need separate encoders for every type of file you are going to use.

My biggest problem with this solution is it's not a complete solution:  It can
only work with some files.  It works with each type of file in a different
manner.  It doesn't allow user customization.

>  > *  we have to accept cp, mv, rm etc. are NOt goign to deal wlll with ANY
>  > icon system we use that has any power at all.
> Okay, raster, man, either you are wrong, or you feel that my #5 has no 
> power at all (I'll let you pick).
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