Re: Harmony + GNOME (Was: Re: C++)

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998, Joel Dillon wrote:
>   Harmony isn't a wrapper. It's what you'd call a random X-only toolkit;
> it's main aim is to make KDE a real GPL environment (currently RMS says
> that its use of Qt violates the GPL). But it would also be nice if you

Ah, I lost track of exactly what toolkit you were talking about. 

I think if Harmony allows both KDE and Gnome apps, then it is in essence a
cross-platform toolkit (though admittedly, both platforms are X-based). It
would have to do different things depending on the environment. It's not
clear *how* different, and clearly it will be less difficult than
supporting both X and Win32 like Qt; but IMO if you want to support both
KDE and Gnome you should think cross-platform, via either the wrapper or
emulation routes. 

> question here. But since noone's radically objected I guess we'll go ahead
> with putting in gtk compatibility and see what people say when we have
> more working.

Hey, people haven't had much time. :) I doubt anyone will object to Gtk
compatibility. Making apps work with both KDE and Gnome is an admirable
goal. I'd just suggest having them native-like in both environments,
rather than some kind of weird hybrid.

Havoc Pennington

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