Re: Harmony + GNOME (Was: Re: C++)

> Anyway, my .02. Summary: porting a cross platform toolkit to Gnome and
> using it sounds great to me; trying to emulate Gnome look and feel with
> some random X-only toolkit sounds a little silly, but no one will keep you
> from doing it.

  Harmony isn't a wrapper. It's what you'd call a random X-only toolkit;
it's main aim is to make KDE a real GPL environment (currently RMS says
that its use of Qt violates the GPL). But it would also be nice if you
could write an app that was both gnome-compliant and KDE-compliant, or if
you could use Harmony to write gnome apps as well as KDE ones. Hence my
question here. But since noone's radically objected I guess we'll go ahead
with putting in gtk compatibility and see what people say when we have
more working.


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