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> > > I have no problem with people using their, but the amount of
> > > anti-C++ rhetoric on this list (ie "C++ doesn't need to be
> > > supported" style comments) will end up pushing some developers away
> > > from Gnome (especially when KDE is IMHO overly pro-C++).
>   It's not so much a case of 'not supported' as hostile comments about
> C++. There is a C++ binding of gtk - gtk-- - which is pretty good. But I
> seem to remember wxWindows (a cross-platform C++ widget set which had a
> gtk version) got a fair bit of flak.
> 	Jo

In addition to gtk-- and WxWindows, there is V, a LGPLed C++ GUI library, that
is being ported to gtk.   Also GNU is aiming to support the "free Qt" (Harmony)
project, which in turn may be associated with the Offix toolkit (also LGPLed),
so C++ lovers will have no shortage of choices.. I guess the important thing is 
not whether Gnome uses C++ or not, but to get all of them to agree on standard
protocols and services so they can all work seamlessly with the base gtk-
based Gnome desktop...

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