Re: Meta-info on files

> Everybody seems to want meta-info on files.  I propose this plan
> (which, regardless of its merits, is at least New!  Different!  On
> Sale at your Local Grocer's Now!):

yes! thank you! Finally, a way of keeping my filesystem free of .info or
.kdelnk or .gnlnk or whatever files, while allowing extra information ala
MacOS resource forks when needed/wanted.

I very much like this idea. Also, to the person who suggested that there
should be only two directories of icons, this is *exactly* the kind of thing
that turned me off of KDE - I want to be able to configure my system to *my*
liking, not an arbitrary standard that probably doesn't work with how I've
organized my graphics at all.


Charles Hagenbuch   |  | "i love how you can make silly putty
                    |   mate with itself." - Chris

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