Re: Increasing IMLIB's palette?

>>>>> "R" == raster  <> writes:

R> On 20 Apr, Alan Shutko shouted:
-> I love IMLIB and have an 8bpp screen.  I'd like to give IMLIB a
-> bigger palette (say 128 slots) because I shove NS in a world of its
-> own and my non-GNOME apps don't use many colors.  What's an easy
-> way to come up with a good set of colors for the palette?

R> edit the imlib palette using imlib_config :) you cna make ranges
R> (spread one color to another) and most useful color stuff. :)

Right.  I saw that, but I was never that good at choosing the right

R> another is to brew it up by hand.. ie make an image lets say in
R> gimp.

That sounds like the best bet, I think.... I may try to work something
up where I could just feed it in a lot of images, and it'll pick the X
most frequently used colors or something.  Or maybe steal netscape's
color cube....

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