Re: ANNOUNCE: new DocBook RPMs available

> jadetex
> -------
>    jadetex is the weak link in the free toolchain, and the developer
>    seems to be very busy.  I don't know of any progress being made
>    here.  I strongly hope that someone picks it up, since until then
>    we are forced to use FrameMaker+SGML to generate printed output.

I saw a posting on the DSSSL list that the jadetex maintainer has been
hired/sponsored by a private company to update jadetex (in particular
the table support) and that these changes will be donated back to open

I'm currently using RTF into Applix/Words to generate hardcopy; works
pretty well...

> ------------ which packages ------------
> The important packages you should get are
>   sgml-common
>   docbook
>   jade
>   jadetex
>   psgml
>   stylesheets
> There used to be a package called sgml-demo, but since I have not yet
> updated it, and it is misleading, I am leaving it out for now.

I won't miss sgml-demo, since I spent quite a bit of time discovering
that it doesn't use the main style sheets and made bad-looking hardcopy.

Thanks for the packages. They really make things easier... btw, are they
likely to work on a libc-5.3.12 system, or will I need to build from

                         - Tom

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