Re: C++

On 20 Apr 1998, Graham Hughes wrote:
>     Andreas> Who needs garbage collections? Our destructors do all the
>     Andreas> clear work. And WHO would want dynamic storage that lives
>     Andreas> longer than the scope of the function, ... (I know about
>     Andreas> ``SmartPtrs''. A really poor substitute and additionally,
>     Andreas> potentially every library on the earth has it's own idea
>     Andreas> of smartptrs -> the very least problem in this is that
>     Andreas> understanding C++ code is getting a nightmare, ...)
That's sarcastic. At least it was meant sarcastic.


> [2] Or do you really like building your entire GUI within the scope of 
>     one function?
Not me. It's only that some C++ evangelists are preaching how OO C++ is,
and at the same time saying things like ObjC is not OO.
To put bluntly, I'm not really a C++ fan. (I've tutored C++ at college,
and I probably usually know why I dislike C++.)

But this is not really gnome specific. gtk/gnome is already language
independent, and it doesn't seem likely that the maintainers will do
something too stupid in this area :)


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