Re: Tutorial on GNOME session manager support

Shouldn't we just be able to write our script to extract certain DocBook tags?
Isn't that what the DocBook DTD is good for?  We just need to decide which
level we want to extract for, right?  (Or else we could define a hierarchy?)
Maybe we could use the docbook generated Table of Contents rather than a
topic.dat file -- What does the topic.dat file get used for and how is that
different from a table of contents?


On Mon, 20 Apr, 1998 at 01:56:05PM -0500, Miguel de Icaza set free these words:
> > What would be nice though, is some decision/finalization of the
> > DocBook stuff (simple things like topic.dat generation, filename
> > conventions (eg the help browser expects index.html) and build
> > procedure).
> We can just use DocBook and extract the topics with a simple grep/sed
> combo.  The Topic could be marked with a special comment, say
> <!--TOPIC:openfiles--> and using
> grep '<\!--TOPIC:' file | sed -e 's/.*TOPIC://' -e 's/--.*//' 
> would get us the output for the topics.
> Miguel.
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