Re: C++

On Mon, Apr 20, 1998 at 10:37:59AM -0400, Bruce McDonald wrote:
> the furtherment of either.  The technical merits of C++ are obvious (you
> missed namespaces - you can  also hack around it in C - sorta...)

But hardly unique to C++.  Let's not forget that many of the people
who like to say nasty things about C++ would actually prefer to be
using something yet higher-level (whether that be lisp, scheme,
python, perl etc) and the reason for doing the fundamental stuff in C
is to make it easier to write useful programs in _any_ of these languages.

> frameworks which I intend to be non-UI specific.  I also find it quite
> amusing the way the all these C hacks are put forward as valid
> work-arounds for missing language features - like implicit admissions.

If that's your viewpoint, I can rest safe in the knowledge that you
won't claim GC is unnecessary in a language because Boehm's add-on
conservative GC is a valid workaround :-)


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