BugReport: gnome-panel

system: RH 5.0, p166, 32m ram
cvs gnome-everything, imlib

If you orient the panel to the top of the screen, and the
set it to autohide. If you open it, then click on the main
menu drawer, it hides back up again, sometimes making it 
very difficult to select something else. is this standard

Also, if you chose to add an application button to the
panel, and the edit properties, the panel will not accept
the property changes, but instead, just delete the button.

    Version: 3.1
    GB/CM/IT d- s+: a-- C++>$ UL++>$ P@ L+++>$ !E- W+ N++>$ !o K--? !w-- !O
!M-- V@ PS+@ PE Y>$ PGP- t>$
    5+ X+>$ R+>$ tv+ b++>$ DI++@ D+@ G@>$ e++ h+>$ r y? 
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-Mail: Will LaShell <wlashell@cland.net>   
 Date: 19-Apr-98     Time: 14:31:01

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