BugReport: logview

System: RH 5.0, p166, 32Meg ram, libc6
cvs gnome-everthing

In the logview app, there seems to be a problem in that
you can't use the scrollbar to scroll the textbox. You
have to use the pgup/pgdn keys. Oddly though, when you 
do use the keys, the scrollbar follows right along.

    Version: 3.1
    GB/CM/IT d- s+: a-- C++>$ UL++>$ P@ L+++>$ !E- W+ N++>$ !o K--? !w-- !O
!M-- V@ PS+@ PE Y>$ PGP- t>$
    5+ X+>$ R+>$ tv+ b++>$ DI++@ D+@ G@>$ e++ h+>$ r y? 
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------ 

-Mail: Will LaShell <wlashell@cland.net>   
 Date: 19-Apr-98     Time: 14:27:21

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