Re: Install program

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Marc Ewing wrote:

> I'm working on "grpm" right now.  It does everything except building
> packages.  It handles multiple repositories of RPMs (local, FTP, HTTP,
> and is easy to extend to others), caches the info locally for fast
> access, and will tell you all about packages that are "new sice XX",
> new versions of stuff you have installed, etc.  Eventually it'll
> have a nice little drop target so you can drag stuff from gmc and
> grpm will handle all the dependency resultion (ie, locating other
> requires RPMs) and installation.

OK, that sound very much like what I had in mind. Well, guess I have to
find something else to work on... :-)

Eirik Mikkelsen -
Orakeltjenesten ITEA/DESK

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