Re: Install program

Martin Baulig <> writes:
> Well, a graphically frontend to rpm would be nice to have. Something that
> can list package descriptions/dependencies and also has support for
> package building.

I'm working on "grpm" right now.  It does everything except building
packages.  It handles multiple repositories of RPMs (local, FTP, HTTP,
and is easy to extend to others), caches the info locally for fast
access, and will tell you all about packages that are "new sice XX",
new versions of stuff you have installed, etc.  Eventually it'll
have a nice little drop target so you can drag stuff from gmc and
grpm will handle all the dependency resultion (ie, locating other
requires RPMs) and installation.

It should be ready for a first public release in a couple weeks.

> Maybe some graphical frontend to RPM - not to install packages - but to
> *build* them - and maybe to create spec files?

I think someone started a Tk RPM builder a few years back, but it
never went anywhere.  It would be handy for novice RPM builders.


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