Re: `gtk.m4'

>     I just had to make a symlink from "/usr/local/share/aclocal" down to
>     "/usr/share/aclocal" in order to get the Gnome stuff to autoconf.
>     Why doesn't `autoconf' look in both directories?  It should, I think.

Ben> It seems to me that aclocal stuff is fundamentally, well,
Ben> *local*.  So maybe in this case it's appropriate that it only
Ben> searches /usr/local.

Ben> In any case, the upstream autoconf maintainer is tied up in legal
Ben> issues at the moment.  Feel free to file a bug; I'll forward it
Ben> upstream when he manages to clear those legal hurdles.

Actually, this is the domain of aclocal and not autoconf (for now
anyway).  aclocal is part of the automake package.

I agree that the current situation isn't very good.  But I don't know
of any very good fix in the current aclocal framework.  Hard-coding
either directory into aclocal is not a viable solution.

A real fix probably involves getting rid of aclocal altogether, in
favor of something a bit different.  I won't go into it here; you can
write me if you really want to know.


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