First off, I'm not (yet) familiar with Gnome session protocol,
so the following may be me speaking out of my ass...

Here is the idea: have some kind of "interpreter servers" supported
by the session management. This way Guile (or any other interpreter
similarily supported), will perform its full (*very* time-consuming)
startup only once per session.

So Guile is becoming divided in two parts: the server & the client.

The server will be run by the session manager only once (on demand), and do
the following:
1. Load up the commonly needed things (boot-9, gtk, gnome, [someday] CORBA).
2. Loop waiting for client requests - when a request arrives, fork and eval
(load) the script that requested the service (notepad, cromagnon, whatever).

The client will replace the gnomeg program that is in Gnome now, with no
user visible difference (except that the Guile startup is replaced with
mere fork).


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