Re: GNOME Panel

    I haven't submitted this as a bug yet, because I am unsure of the process of
submitting it as a bug.  But I think it is important to get this resolved
because that second panel is very annoying, I can't even hide it behind the real
one without causing the panel to be majorly unstable.  Any suggestions or ideas
would be appreciated.

-Matthew Wagner

George wrote:

> Quoting Matthew Wagner (
> > Hello,
> >     Whenver I load the panel, it actual loads two panels.  One with the
> > Menu in it.  (The Correct One).  And one blank one that I can't seem to
> > get rid of.  Any ideas as to why this is happening and how to solve it
> > ???
> hmm the second one sholud be the clock by default ... I'm having some
> problems with the swallowing of applets ...for some reason when you add
> a corba applet and delete it .. it won't show up when you add it again
> .. I've never seen this happen on the first time it loads up ... but it
> might be the same problem ...
> now it's the last known fatal remaining panel bug (known to me at least)
> so once that is solved, we have a usable panel ......
> George
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