Re: mod_guile?

Michael> Here is the idea: have some kind of "interpreter servers"
Michael> supported by the session management. This way Guile (or any
Michael> other interpreter similarily supported), will perform its
Michael> full (*very* time-consuming) startup only once per session.

Michael> The server will be run by the session manager only once (on
Michael> demand)

Michael> Workable?

It's workable, I suppose, but you don't need the session manager to
make it work.

To get the server to run only on demand you'd have to write some kind
of launcher daemon that would handle this.  The session manager
doesn't currently handle this, and I don't really think it should.

I suppose a "Guile daemon" could be a CORBA service.  Then making it
run on demand would happen through the BOA.

FWIW I think time would be better spent making Guile start faster.
But obviously opinions on this vary.


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