panel sigsevs

so i got the rpms last night and i was so pysched to switch over to gnome
from KDE (yay, me!) but when i tried to start the panel, it keeps on
crashing, saying i got a sigsev right after a bunch of warnings saying
something like "warning not found in pixmap_path file

anyone know what the issue is?

a couple of other things of note.  i did get some of the other
applications to work (tho not same-gnome :-( ) and i noted that you have
the floating menubar thingy a la kde a la ms windows. 
my question is what's the point  of these if they only dock in their
original location?

sorry if that sounds whiny. it's not meant to. 

and a final note.. i found somewhere the protocol for ICQ v2 and was
wondering if anyone is working on an ICQ compatible clone for GNOME?  I
figure it's a pretty straightforward protocol and a worthwhile GTK
learning project so i'd like to try my hand at it (once I figure out
either GTK, GTK--, or GTK objc) 


aadi.deshpande	aadi(at)bigfoot(dot)com
school://                       732.296.1285
work://                     212.501.8122

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