Re: balsa bugs and gnomine

I don't know about gnomines, but with balsa...
The preference box doesn't really work correctly right now.  you can edit
~/.gnome/balsa if you want to set those.  The text should be displaying
correctly now.  It was a bug in GTK+.

thanks for your interest in balsa though (;

On Mon, Apr 13, 1998 at 05:17:17AM -0500, wrote:
> Welp, I'm not a hardcore coder, but just figured I would put my 2 cents in...
> I installed the latest (that I've found from rhad labs) gnome stuff, and tried a few things...
> 1) when running gnomine, if you set the mine size to 2, it sigsevs and will not start until you delete the ~/.gnome/gnomine  file
> 2) Using balsa, in the Preferences, when you try to put your name and email in the boxes, no type shows up, and there is no ok or cancel buttons.. 
> I dunno if this stuff matters to anyone out there, just figured I would help all I can...
> Kevin
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