Problems with Gnome RPMS

I have been using the GNOME snapshot RPMS for several days on my machine
at work and they work fine.  Unfortunately, I have been less successful
getting the programs to run on my home machine.  I have had similar
problems with to different sets of RPMS, including the set from Friday,
April 10th which ran ok on my work machine.  I haven't tried all the apps,
but I've got a hunch that it is imlib related.  The app of tinkered with
the most is gnomine; it dies with sig SEGV; gdb shows this happens in the
function gdk_imlib_render.  I also ran gdb on same-gnome; it dies with
SEGV in a different imlib function.  Ideas?  Work machine is a PII 300
with 64MB; home is P166 with 32M.  Both are RedHat 5.0 with up to date
RPMs; I won't say they are identical but I know both have glibc 2.0.7.
Perhaps the most relevant difference is the work machine is running a
32bpp and the home machine runs a 24bpp.

Tangential issue, not directly gnome-related:

Since I started using the gtk+ rpms from the rh labs, gimp won't run.  The
error it gives is:

gimp: error in loading shared libraries
: undefined symbol: __register_frame_info

This happened with .23 and .24 (rpms from Trond).  I'm going to try
upgrading to .26 shortly.


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