Re: C++ & gnome (was: Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems)

>  (one Q about Obj-C is the "String" in setString the type of the
>  argument?)

No.  When you declare the method, you do something like

	@interface MyObject : MyParentObject

	- setString:(char *) string 
	   withFont:(GdkFont *) font
	     atSize:(int) size;

	- anotherMethod:...

The nice thing about having named parameters is that it makes the code
very easy to read.  When you have functions that take 10 parameters,
it is very useful to know what is what.  Things like

	some_function ("hello", 1, TRUE, 2.5, 3, &foo, 9. 42);

are not very intuitive... :-)


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