Re: C++ & gnome (was: Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems)

>Not familiar with TOM but Java unfortunately is owned by a single vendor
>(Sun) and is in a state of flux.  Also Java is growing pretty complex
>(inner classes, closures, etc) and its classes are becoming pretty
>byzantine (you try and keep up with all the developments).  Some of the
>design decisions are only now (in 1.1) being sorted out like the events
>etc.  I can continue here...
>C++ is as close to the machine as you want it to be.  Its all about

I am learning in Java right now.  I have grown very fond of OOP.  In a lot of
ways it mkes more sence than procedural.
I also think that inner classes are a good idea ( especially with the 1.1 event

>>> Polymorphism allows programmers to avoid the C monster switch
>>> statements.
>>False.  You can do this just fine in plain C.  Ever wondered how
>>Microsoft's COM works?
>False, what do you mean?  Lots of C code revolves around a big switch.
>This is a fact.
>Microsofts COM runs off an array of function pointers (implemented as a
>vtable).  Are you seriously trying to equate C++ virtual functions with
>what could only be considered as a C kludge?  Talk about code bloat. 
>Anyway COM is hardly a choice I would want to use in order to advocate C
>over C++.

Polymorphism is killer....

I just want to say, that I am watching Gnome carefully...I think it shows a lot
of promice.  One thing I would like to have though is the abilty to program in
OOP for Gnome.  I like to mess with C also, but OOP makes a lot of sence to me.
I am more interested in learning Obj-C than C++ though, but having either is
good enough....I just think it should be available.

Anyway, just letting you know I think making C++ or Obj-C programming in GTK
possible is a good idea.

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