Re: rpms

On Tue, 14 Apr, 1998 at 02:18:18AM -0700, fractture set free these words:
> Mark Galassi wrote:
> >     fractture> I notice that on the getting started area, it directs
> >     fractture> you directly to rpms, not only that, but RH5 rpms, wich
> >     fractture> will not run on slackware.  This doesn't seem like the
> >     fractture> best of plans.
> >
> > The RPMs are only one of the ways of tackling the complexity of
> > getting started with GNOME.  They do make it quite easy, so we mention
> > them.
> >
> > But the real method is to go to the source, via the anonymous CVS
> > repository.  That should work for all linux distributions.
I think redhat is also providing daily snapshots of the CVS source in
tar.gz format.

> Actually I was more or less referring to non-gnome packages that are
> needed, like umb-scheme...which I have not found yet.
Hmmm... That is a problem.  Mail the page maintainer and get a link to the
slib library.  (which is what umb-scheme is.)  Can find it at

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