how to compile gnome

my collected experience from several days of getting it to run. hopefully, this
can answer a lot of questions and avoid yet more. if you want to put it into
the files as a readme or onto the webpage, feel free to do so.

how to compile gnome

get either the cvs-snapshots /or/ the packed-up ones. mixing both is a very bad
idea and guaranteed to double your work.

1.) gtk

get at least gtk 0.99.5 - although gnome claims to work with 0.99.3 this is not

2.) imlib

i found imlib to be the #1 source of trouble, so be careful with it. it is very
picky about the graphics libs it requires, so take the ones from - but you should still install imagemagick
as a fallback.
also, make sure you have imlib-1.2 - any other version will *not* work, not
even 1.1! you can get imlib-1.2 from somewhere in
/pub/gnome/devel/latest - look into the file called "hacking" to find out how
you can compile it. run aclocal, automake and autoconf, then cd to gdk_imlib
and run make. fix all errors (replacing @libtool@ with libtool worked here, so
have libtools installed) and run 'make install'.
make sure you have no older version of imlib installed! 1.1 installed itself to
/usr/lib, while 1.2 installs to /usr/local/lib - trouble guaranteed.

3.) mico

make sure you get the mico from the gnome or redhat ftp. also be sure to
compile it using egcs instead of gcc. if you use gcc, you will encounter very
strange "unresolved references" (like l155780 and the like) in the next step,
even though the mico compile itself will look ok.

one question: anyone an idea where that "javacup" thing can be found?

4.) gnome

now compile, in this order, gnome-libs, gnome-core and gnome-objc. after that
you can go on compiling gnome-packages, like -admin, -graphics, -network, -
games, etc. in arbitrary order.

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