me, the tourist.


   I am going to Europe!  (yes, I am all excited about this)

   I am leaving Mexico City on the 27 of May to go to the Linux Expo
conference (, on the 1st of june I am flying to
Frankfurt to attend the Linux Kongress in Koeln
( until the 5th or 6th of june.  

   At that point, I have about 10 days to get myself into Paris to
board the plane that will take me to New Orleans, just in time for the
opening of the Usenix conference (  I am going back to
Mexico on the 21st of june.

    I do not have any real plans yet for what I will be doing in
Europe during those days, but I would definely like to meet some of my
friends over there, so if you have any ideas, please mail me.  

    It remains a mistery how am I supposed to get from Frankfurt to
Koeln if I dont speak a word of German, I guess this is a chance to
practice my mute language.

best wishes,

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