Re: me, the tourist. writes:

> ->      It remains a mistery how am I supposed to get from Frankfurt to
> ->  Koeln if I dont speak a word of German, I guess this is a chance to
> ->  practice my mute language.
> dont' worry... nearly all germans speak very good english.. :) you can
> get by wiht english quite nicely in germany if u need to.. :) Aber ein
> bisschen detautsch waere ein vorteil. 

At the railway station in Frankfurt they announce everything in
English as well (yes, they are prepared for people like you).  Just
get to the subway station at the airport, head for the inner city
station (Hauptbahnhof).  There you find displays for all connections
and if you learned how to write Koeln in German (the oe is in fact a
o-umlaut) everything is easy.

-- Uli
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