Re: problem compiling CVS mico

At 07:10 PM 4/12/98 -0700, Michael Madore wrote:
>I've managed to compile and install the latest imlib and gtk+ from CVS.
>While trying to compile mico, however, I get the following:
>make[1]: Entering directory `/home/mikem/mico/auxdir'
>/home/mikem/mico/./idl/idl --name dynany ../include/mico/dynany.idl
> assertion failed
>make[1]: *** [] Aborted (core dumped)
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mikem/mico/auxdir'
>make: *** [system] Error 1
>Does anyone have any idea what could cause this error?

Do you have HOSTNAME set for the computer idl is running on? That is the
assertion at which idl is failing.

Hope that helps.

M.Watson <>

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