RE: [freeqt] RE: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems

>On 10 Apr 1998, Tero Pulkkinen wrote:
>> Joel Dillon <> writes:
>> > > OK, so what you say is that you want KDE for Gnome (or something so).
I like
>> > > the idea. Could this be done with Harmony as a GTK wrapper and using
>                                    ^^^ This is what I was answering ;)
>> >    We've had this discussion and decided Harmony won't be a wrapper
>> > gtk, for various reasons. It will be gtk-compatible as far as possible
>> > though.
>> I think he means as a different theme for harmony...
>  Sure. Probably our equivalent of the Motif-like l & f in Qt should
>look exactly like gtk. Unless anyone objects, in which case we can make
>it a separate theme.

No, but I don't think the problem is to look like Gtk. The problem is that
Gtk will support themes (Rasterman likes themes) and if you have Gtk with a
theme different from the Harmony one you won't have two similar windows.

- yiyus

> Jo

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