Re: Help with compiling mico


you need to add in to the path that the dynamic linker uses to find shared
objects (.so's).  ldconfig as root will rescan all the known directories
(as set in /etc/ and then rebuild the /etc/ file.

Check the contents of the cache for the mico lib by issuing:

ldconfig -v | grep mico

(ldconfig lives in /sbin on redhat 5)


On Fri, 10 Apr 1998, Benjamin White wrote:

>Hello all,
>I'm trying to get gnome compiled, and have been slowly slugging my way
>through it.  Now I have come to a problem with getting mico compiled
>and working correctly.  I was able to get mico (from the cvs, updated
>today) configured and compiled (40 megs into swap!) and installed, but
>now idl wont work.  It fails with the following error:
>whitehouse$ idl
>idl: can't load library ''
>(notice can't LOAD not can't FIND)
>So any ideas here.  I'm using debian 1.3 with gcc 2.7.1-9.
>Thanks in advace!
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