Just posting to ask for a few opinions.  When I said I was interested in
helping  people with their documentation, I received quite a bit of
feedback and information - which was really helpful!  From what people
where telling me, docbook seems to be the predominant format for most
GNOME documentation  - at least the people who responded told me said
this.  At some point though, someone also happened to mention texinfo to
me and someone else asked me about GNU documentation.  To make a long story
short, I was told texinfo was the foremost standard for writing
documentation for GNU.  

I was also told from GNU's mouth: "It is important for all GNU programs,
GNOME, to make their manuals available in all of these forms (nice printed
book, Info file, plain ASCII, or HTML) and with uniform style.  As a
practical matter, using texinfo is the easiest way to do that.  "                                              

How do you feel about documentation - what do you prefer and how do you
format your information?

I'd like to see where you folks want to sit - I assume these decisions
have been already made, but I've totally missed that thread.


Kimberly Bigelow  

ps.   Sorry about the delay in posting again about documentation.  Been
really busy ---like most people :)                                  

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