Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems

> <offtopic>
> I'd just like to say that I've not done any serious Windows programming
> myself. Perhaps using Microsoft Visual C++ and MFC has soured these
> people's attitudes to C++? ;)
> </offtopic>

 I was using MFC to write "SpecSim" -- a uneversal simulation/fitting
frogram for spectroscopists. I hate MFC since then, but C++ was
reabilitated for me by ... Qt. I did not finish any of Qt my programs
yet, and what I started would not be of interest for the general
public (stuff for people using Linux for data acuisition, molecular
spectra analysis, ...). It is also true that I am not Qt fun since I
realized what a licensing trap it is. I have high hopes for Gtk-- and
if I'll find time to make a contribution, that would be porting of the
QWT lib to Gtk-- (or even Gtk+).


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