Re: [freeqt] RE: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems

> OK, so what you say is that you want KDE for Gnome (or something so). I like
> the idea. Could this be done with Harmony as a GTK wrapper and using themes

   We've had this discussion and decided Harmony won't be a wrapper around
gtk, for various reasons. It will be gtk-compatible as far as possible

> in Harmony (to give KDE the Gnome aspect) and in Gtk (to give Gnome the KDE
> aspect, I think Rasterman is working on these things). I can't do this
  Well, this is part of compatibility. We also need to understand each 
other's configuration files, CORBA bindings and such like as afr as

> (because I don't know), it is only one idea to be coment, but please, not a
> flame war because I think that Gnome, Harmony and KDE people have much more
> important things to do.


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