Re: Problems with RPM install..(and a workaround for non-CVS GIMP and CVS GTK...)

Okay... um not sure whats wrong with your GNOME apps unless maybe u
didn't install gtk+ CVS version... anyways... as for the Enlightenment
part... if you have the Imlib1.1 RPM installed or just Imlib1.1
somewhere you need to change the and to point
to the old 1.1 and not the 1.2, E and all eApps will work and so will

As for GIMP (I figure I say this here since I just made this
workaround.... using the same idea of the imlib workaround...). This
workaround is different since GTK .99-10 and the CVS GTK use the same what I did was take the gtk .99-10 libs and moved
them to /usr/local/lib and keep the CVS libs in /usr/lib remember to
make the correct symlinks (you can keep and so.1 in the
/usr/lib pointing to the /usr/lib/ and same goes for the
/usr/local/lib/ ... boy that sounds confusing... and
remember to run ldconfig afterwards!

 Michael Schubert --

 An NT server can be run by an idiot, and usually is.

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