Re: Problems with RPM install..(and a workaround for non-CVS GIMP and CVS GTK...)

On 10 Apr, Michael Schubert shouted:
->  Okay... um not sure whats wrong with your GNOME apps unless maybe u
->  didn't install gtk+ CVS version... anyways... as for the Enlightenment
->  part... if you have the Imlib1.1 RPM installed or just Imlib1.1
->  somewhere you need to change the and to point
->  to the old 1.1 and not the 1.2, E and all eApps will work and so will
->  GNOME.

No. There is no need to twiddle anything like this. E 0.13.3 will work
happily with Imlib 1.0,1.1 and .12 (the cvs 1.2 not released yet...)

it may happen that you compiled E wiht different link lines to
different libjpeg, libpng,libtiff etc. libraries and thus you may have
problems if you don't compile E wiht link lines to ALL of libjpeg,
libgif, libtiff, libpng and libz anf libm whgich the imlib in CVS was
compild with.

->  As for GIMP (I figure I say this here since I just made this
->  workaround.... using the same idea of the imlib workaround...). This
->  workaround is different since GTK .99-10 and the CVS GTK use the same
-> what I did was take the gtk .99-10 libs and moved
->  them to /usr/local/lib and keep the CVS libs in /usr/lib remember to
->  make the correct symlinks (you can keep and so.1 in the
->  /usr/lib pointing to the /usr/lib/ and same goes for the
->  /usr/local/lib/ ... boy that sounds confusing... and
->  remember to run ldconfig afterwards!

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