Re: panel (could be imlib?) problems

   nice idea.. well off you go and write all the codecs come back with an
   api and i can plug it into imlib to handle them. I dont have the time
   to write AND maintain codecs for 10 zillion image formats.. not even
   one. i alerady have decoders built into imlib for ppm, pgm and xpm that
   i wrote myself.

As soon as I finish some projects for school I'll go back and write
them.  They will basically be wrappers for libjpeg, libgif, etc.  The
only difference will be that the code is in a separate object.  I will
probably just borrow all the code you wrote for the codecs :), and I
will try to keep the Imlib interface the same as well.  Would you be
willing to maintain the Imlib code with the new codec format?  Someone
needs to maintain it and I unfortunately don't have the time.  The
code will be quite similar to what is there now just compiled

Manish Vachharajani 		            <>
Rutgers University	
Telecommunications Division   
Systems Programmer

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