Re: panel (could be imlib?) problems

On  9 Apr, Manish Vachharajani shouted:
->     nice idea.. well off you go and write all the codecs come back with an
->     api and i can plug it into imlib to handle them. I dont have the time
->     to write AND maintain codecs for 10 zillion image formats.. not even
->     one. i alerady have decoders built into imlib for ppm, pgm and xpm that
->     i wrote myself.
->  As soon as I finish some projects for school I'll go back and write
->  them.  They will basically be wrappers for libjpeg, libgif, etc.  The
->  only difference will be that the code is in a separate object.  I will
->  probably just borrow all the code you wrote for the codecs :), and I
->  will try to keep the Imlib interface the same as well.  Would you be
->  willing to maintain the Imlib code with the new codec format?  Someone
->  needs to maintain it and I unfortunately don't have the time.  The
->  code will be quite similar to what is there now just compiled
->  differently.

sure.. remember my api internal to imlib (ie _LoadXPM, _LoadPPM,
_LoadJPEg etc.) are very scanty apis.. diffrent ones have different
parameters.. like ppm and japeg doen return a transparency flag..
becuase the format doesn allow it. its nto evry general.. tis very
specific to my needs. the png loader doesn return the alpha channel as
such.. ti munges it into a transparent color so only trnsparency
is supported wiht that.. yes it is limiting i wil change that internal
api when i finally write full alpha channel support into imlib
someday... (that will need a lot fo work in other areas too first to
make use of full alpha channeling).

as long as i have an api that can get my 24-bit RGB data and on/off
transparency information (ie tell me a rgb color value that is
transpaernt if there is one) and to make sure that works .. imlbi si
happy.. tho i'm not sure anyoen else woudl eb happy wiht that api and
when i finally want to use alpha channesl i'd need to expand it...

basically rememebr.. any api internal to imlib is prolly not a good
api.. its there for now... until i need more stuff.. external to imlib,
well thats another matter.. imlbi si really meant to be justa magic
library.. you feed ti filenames, some parameters (eg widht and hgight
deisred) and it will feed back a pixmap.. without the programmer havign
to think much at all.. :)

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