Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems

> The question: is that a good thing or a bad thing? :)

I think that it is a bad thing that most of the C++ programmers are
going to KDE. The majority of colleges (at least here in the US) teach
C++ (or now java) from day one, and people like to use a language
that they know. The KDE project takes advantage of this.

Mainly what KDE has over us is that Qt is fully developed and debuged,
whereas GTK is still in beta. They have fairly complete developer 
tutorials (This is getting a little better on the Gnome front). KDE
also has a complete working setup availible now, and people are more
likely to contribute to something when it becomes very useable (how
big was the linux community before kernel 1.2?) These issues will be
worked out in a matter of time.

I agree with the comment that the KDE developers are not welcome to
outside ideas, which is not the way that you persuade people to use
or contribute to your software. This is the main reason that I use
Gnome instead of KDE (even though I program mostly in C++).


# Zack Williams #
#                                                                 #
# "Criminals today have guns. Soon they will have computers and   #
#       other weapons of mass destruction." - Janet Reno          #

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