Re: C++ & gnome (was: Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems)

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> I would like you to comment more on why "programming with widgets is
> much more natural in C++".
> I am interested in knowing what C++ does that we can not duplicate.  

I really would prefer not to get in a religous was over C and C++.  I
appreciate C.  I programmed with C for many years before I learned C++.
And I still mostly use C for small programs and programs that dont lend
well to an Object Oriented style.  There is nothing that you cannot do in
C.  But it is not about that.  It's about programming in an object
oriented style.  Some programs just work much nicer that way.  And I
merely stated that Gtk-- is not ready, thus programmers who want to
program that way have to choose another toolkit, and Qt is a nice choice.

> Miguel.

C.J. Beyer

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