Re: C++ & gnome (was: Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems)

> I'll second that.  gtk-- is just not an option yet.  Although I
> dont particulary like KDE, I've chosen to use Qt simply because
> I feel programming with widgets is much more natural (IMHO) in C++.

I would like you to comment more on why "programming with widgets is
much more natural in C++".

I am interested in knowing what C++ does that we can not duplicate.  

I firmly believe that the right solution for doing faster GUI
applications is not coming up with yet-another-widget-model for some
arcane object oriented language, but rather to raise the programming
level.  Tcl/Tk raises the programming level;  Perl and Scheme bindings
for your favorite toolkit are going to give you more power than any
OO-widget setup.

Guess why Delphi and Visual Basic are so used in the Windows world.


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