Re: The KDE Free Qt Foundation (fwd)

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> >                        The KDE Free Qt Foundation
> > 
> >   Should  Troll Tech ever discontinue the Qt Free Edition for any rea-
> >   son including, but not limited to, a buy-out of Troll Tech, a merger
> >   or  bankruptcy,  the  latest  version of the Qt Free Edition will be
> >   released under the BSD license.
> > 
> >   Furthermore, should Troll Tech cease continued development of Qt, as
> >   assessed  by  a  majority  of  the  KDE  Free Qt Foundation, and not
> >   release a new version at least every 12 months, the  Foundation  has
> >   the right to release the Qt Free Edition under the BSD License.

Under the BSD license?   That will kill KDE since one cannot link BSD code with GPLed code, and KDE itself is GPLed.   They should use LGPL instead.  What are 
they thinking?  Also the BSD license will kill Troll's commerical products too, since people won't pay if they can use the BSD version in any commerical 
products.   Troll Tech should reconsider the choice of the BSD license.  

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